help athletes use yoga to achieve their goals


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What is Athletes for Yoga Coach Training?

Athletes for Yoga Coach Training exists because Jasyoga’s mission is to help as many athletes as possible use yoga to achieve their goals. To accomplish this, athletes not only need to use yoga, but also to lead by example and support other athletes to use yoga. This new, dynamic online training in the practical application of yoga for athletes will help you learn to support athletes of all kinds with practical yoga solutions, and give you tools to help you grow as an athlete, yoga practitioner, and coach.

Via exclusive Athletes for Yoga content including training videos, live calls, reading, practice, critical thinking exercises, and more, we will explore:

  • Benefits: how yoga will make you a better athlete
  • Approach: practical yoga solutions for athletes all kinds
  • Key Themes: injury prevention, recovery, and performance
  • Coaching: how to plan and deliver relevant, effective classes for jocks 

Training FORMAT

Athletes for Yoga Coach Training is delivered as three focused training blocks:







Additional training content covering more specific areas of focus will be available along the way.

Because this approach is by athletes, for athletes, training blocks are designed to speak directly to you as an athlete first and foremost. You’ll apply Jasyoga concepts and tools to yourself, helping you to become a more balanced and resilient athlete — and helping you to develop the critical thinking skills and context needed to support other athletes with yoga in a meaningful way. From there, you’ll put content under coach’s lens, exploring methods to deliver practical yoga solutions to the athletes in your work and life. 


We invite you to train at your own pace — purchase and access content any time once it has been released. Training blocks will be able for purchase closer to their release in 2019:

Injury Prevention

Purchase and complete training blocks individually as the content becomes available — however content needs to be purchased in the order it is released (injury prevention / recovery / performance) because the content is progressive. You will also have the option to purchase and complete training including all blocks as a package after all content has been released (available by late 2019).

Purchase of all content is not required to train with us. However, to obtain official Athletes for Yoga Coach Certification (see certification), you will need to purchase and complete all training blocks.

Details about additional training blocks, mentorship opportunities, and certification will be announced as they become available — be sure to sign up for updates and to get notified when new content is released!


Training Block 1 — Injury Prevention, Launching 2019

Injury Prevention Training Block — What You Get

  • Lifetime access to AFY Injury Prevention content online including all future content updates
  • Exclusive AFY Injury Prevention Training videos
  • Full color spiral bound AFY Injury Prevention workbook
  • 3 months free access to complete Jasyoga Video library featuring specific use video series including recovery, pre-workout, cross training, balance, running, cycling, triathlon, and more
  • Monthly group calls with Erin Taylor + lifetime access to recordings
  • Lifetime access to AFY Coach Training community forum
  • AFY welcome pack: Athletes for Yoga Tee + exclusive swag
  • HIT RESET by Erin Taylor 

Who this is for

Athletes for Yoga Training is for athletes, coaches, yoga teachers, and fitness professionals of all kinds! Join us if:

  • You want to become a more balanced and resilient athlete
  • You’re interested in implementing yoga into your work
  • You want to help athletes use yoga to achieve their goals
  • You appreciate a practical, solutions-oriented approach to yoga
  • You’re ready to lead by example
  • You want to join a community of athletes using yoga to achieve their goals

What this ISN’T

  • A program that certifies or licenses you as an Athletes for Yoga Coach or agent of Jasyoga UNLESS you complete all of the certification requirements — this option will be available in late 2019
  • A live mentorship program (at this time)
  • A Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) program or substitute for 200-hour RYT certification

COMING 2019: Athletes for Yoga Coach Certification

Official Athletes for Yoga Coach Certification will be available by late 2019 for those who are interested in becoming Athletes for Yoga Coaches andlicensing the use of the Athletes for Yoga brand and content.

More details about this opportunity will be announced as they become available. When you sign up for updates you'll be the first to know  and we'll send you exclusive Athletes for Yoga Coaching Tips now! 


"Having Athletes for Yoga training has been instrumental crux in helping my runners grow, recover, and get stronger. It’s such a great tool to have in my toolbox to show my clients proper poses to help continue their running journeys." 
Beth Baker, Founder + Chief Running Officer of Running Evolution

“Jasyoga gave me the support I needed to grow into the teacher I am today and constantly gave me new challenges to stretch my abilities and build my confidence. Beginning my teaching career with Jasyoga's approach to yoga required me to consider the ‘why’ behind each pose. This mindfulness is at the root of a powerful, positive yoga practice. To this day, I receive appreciation from students about how accessible this approach to yoga is and how that facilitates better performance in other areas of their lives. Jasyoga keeps it real and accessible.”
Brianna Sweeney, founder of Move. Flow. ViBe.

"As a NSCA personal trainer and SFG Kettlebell coach I find Jasyoga indispensable. I’ve taken the yoga classes as a student and completed the coaches clinic to bring skills to my clients. The simple, direct & mindful moves that Jasyoga teaches are perfect for myself and my students. It all directly compliments the strength work we do and makes it so we can lift more in weight, but also In years! I’ve witnessed many other coaches and students getting injured doing the same weighted movements- but because I mix Jasyoga moves in each workout — we recover faster and stay injury free!"
– Breanne Curran, Owner of Burn Brighter Coaching

"After my initial 200-hour yoga teacher training, I still felt like there was a missing link in my yoga practice and teaching. I saw that Jasyoga had workshops on yoga for athletes and once I met Erin, it became an instant 'YES, this is it!' As an athlete, coach, and P.E. teacher, I knew that training with Jasyoga would be the key to balance for me and others. The training itself was very hands on, and I learned a lot — especially how to fine tune my cues and alignment for athletes. It was icing on the cake that I learned new poses I had never done that hit the spot! I also truly loved the community of awesome women with Jasyoga who inspired me to be more badass."
– Kayla Roberston, High School Track & XC Coach, P.E. Teacher

“As a 'recovering’ competitive athlete I cannot imagine a life without Jasyoga, which made yoga accessible to me, a runner with tight hips, tight hamstrings, tight everything. Erin showed me that I don't have to be gumbly in order to enjoy yoga. Jasyoga has helped me physically, to recover from injuries and become more aware of my body. But, perhaps even more importantly, Jasyoga has helped me to accept myself for who I am and what I am capable of doing today.  While I may not run as fast as I once was able to, a mindset of acceptance has helped me to be grateful for every step I do take. And finally, Jasyoga taught me how to practice recovery. Recovery that will allow me to continue to do the activity I love.”
Louisa Hays, Running Coach